A new book has just launched that features Falmouth and The Captain’s House. The magic and beauty of Falmouth and its coastline are interwoven into this story of mystery, identity and love.

The Falmouth Son is written by my husband, Mark Ballett, and is his first novel. It tells the story of one man’s search for identity and while he uncovers the truth about his absent father with no help from friends and the local community he discovers true love.

Falmouth and The Captain’s House are both central characters in this story which combines mystery with romance, and a bucketful of imagination.

“Can you love and allow yourself to be loved until you know who you are?” Says Mark. “Identity, and how it is shaped by family, communities and particularly places fascinates me and has been the key motivation in writing my first novel. These themes will continue to play a part in my next novel based in Kirkwall.”

Here’s a teaser from blurb on the back of the book to give you a flavour of The Falmouth Son what it’s about …..

Exiled from his overbearing mother and the town that defines him a young man returns home to discover that his early life is shrouded in mystery. His fellow Falmouthians will not help him get to the bottom of what really happened; they are united in keeping the town’s secrets. For the first time in his life the place he considers an extension of himself is working against him, trying to prevent him from finding the truth of who he really is. What he discovers makes him question what his imaginary father, The Captain – who lives in his Special Book – taught him about what it is to be a man. He also unexpectedly discovers the meaning of love.

You can buy Mark’s book from Amazon or contact him via his website for a printed copy or if you are in Falmouth pop along to the Falmouth Bookseller on Church Street and buy a copy there.

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