all is lost

Any Port in a Storm

I have always felt more at home by the sea when the land creates a natural harbour around it: limiting its power. I was once travelling around New Zealand and felt decidedly uneasy on the long-straight-coast south of Hastings but at home again when I got to Wellington and the protection of its harbour. Maybe […]

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the shipping news

The Shipping News

The West Briton is a local paper published in Cornwall and it has a Falmouth & Penryn Edition that we always buy as soon as we arrive at The Captains’ House. The paper was first published around the time that The Captains’ House was built and it now comes out every Thursday. There are many […]

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M5 from the Master Bedroom

Watching the North Wind Blow

Last weekend Falmouth was wet and windy; it is November after all. I like it here at this time of the year when the elements dictate the mood and people hibernate, or so it seems. The wind was blowing strongly from the north and looking out of the master bedroom window we watched the largest […]

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